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Picking new toilet seats

Hey all! How is everyone doing? Bill and I have been busy planting new flowers in our garden. They’ve blossomed quite nicely and we’re sure you’re going to love them when you come to BL Country Inn. With one project out of the way, we’re just about to start a new project. We’re looking to install brand new toilet seats at BL Country Inn. We’ve been meaning to take on this project since the beginning of last year, but it didn’t seem like a good idea as we were operating at quite-full capacity and we didn’t want to inconvenience our guests. So now that we’re past our busy winter season and just before our summer busy season comes, we’ve decided to take on this project once and for all.

Toto, Panasonic, Brondell, oh my! These are just some of the many brands that make toilet seats that we want to buy. It’s taken us hours and hours of research to find something suitable for us. These new toilet seats are heated and have bidet functions. It’s like a jacuzzi for your bottom. Based on some of the most recent bidet toilet seat reviews by the experts, we’ve settled on installing the Toto Washlet 350e bidets in all our guest bathrooms. We’re positive that all our guests will love our latest, high-tech addition. It’s truly an amazing toilet seat.

Here’s what we particularly liked about this model and why we chose it:

  • It’s got a night light. For many of our guests, we didn’t want them to go use the bathroom in the middle of the night by turning on a bright bathroom light. It disrupts sleep, and that’s the last thing we want for our guests. The Toto 350e is one of the rarer models that have this function. So it played a big part in our decision.
  • It’s got an automatic toilet seat lid. Flipping the toilet seat up and down creates noise. And we wanted something that would open gently. This toilet seat lid will open by sensor, so if you walk towards it and away from it, it will open and close automatically.
  • It’s got a “sanitize” function. We get it. Hotel bathrooms can be unpleasant to use, especially if they’re not cleaned vigorously and regularly. We got this toilet seat because after each use, the toilet automatically sanitizes the bowl. It will help us keep things clean in between uses for our guests.
  • It looks good. Among all the toilet seats we’ve reviewed (there must have been 30 and believe us, we did a full bidet toilet seat comparison before coming to a conclusion), this one looked the best in our opinion. Of course, it has all the basic functions like wash and dry. But it looks good too.
  • The brand is reliable. The general consensus seems to be that the Toto brand is the king of bidet seats. So we feel confident about this brand.

We anticipate that by July 1, 2017, all our rooms will have the Toto Washlet installed in them. We’ll be working on the installations between bookings, so guests that already have a booking will not be affected. Only those who haven’t made a booking will have to check with us to see if we have availability. We may be able to make accommodations, but we apologize if we cannot. Those rooms that are undergoing installation will be closed for the duration of the installation.

While we do the installations, we plan to work on them at the same time we do room service, so there should not be any additional nuisance in terms of noise to our guests. If there is sometthing that concerns you about the installations, please let Bill or I know.

That’s all for now, until next time!


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